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 Subiectul mesajului: Hello, I am Fernando from Portugal
MesajScris: 11 Iul 2015 21:39 

Membru din: 11 Iul 2015 19:21
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Hello there,

My name is Fernando Domingues and I am from Portugal. I have been living in Bucharest for almost 2 months. I am a breeder specialized in African Finches (specially waxbills). I had birds as far as I remember, such as canaries and other birds. After, I have fallen in love with exotic birds. I got my first C.O.M. in World Championships when I wan only 16 years old and I won 7 int total and Reggio Emilia (Italy) as well.
I had to leave this passion behind because of life circumstances and I miss this so much.

To see what kind of birds I bred take a look on my Blog

I worked for a Portuguese bird's Magazine, I have made a lot of professional pictures which maybe one day I can share with you.
I am going to leave you now with my page on youtube and one channel connected to the magazine as well.

And my channel as well

Hope to meet you one day. If you need info I know the best breeders in the world. Maybe I can get even birds for you guys. But know I can only share my experience and some information. I know a lot about exotic finches, european finches, canaries and some about parrots.

Thank you
Fernando Domingues

MesajScris: 14 Iul 2015 09:55 
Site Admin
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Membru din: 09 Dec 2008 22:13
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Ciao Fernando,
Welcome to Romania and on our forum, it is a pleasure for us to have you around! I saw your blog and have to admit that you have some fantastic photos. Also congrats for your palmares and prizes, even if your are young I can tell that you are really passionate for birds and you have gained some international experience. Are you also a judge? We definitely need one around to boost up this branch of breeding fiches. There are not too many breeders of finches to our show here, so any help will do just fine.
If you plan to stay long enough in Romania, we hope to see you at least on our national show in Brasov, between 30th-31st of October.
Keep in touch!

Best regards,
Marius - President FOR

The human mind is like a parachute: it only works when it's open.

MesajScris: 14 Iul 2015 21:18 

Membru din: 11 Iul 2015 19:21
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Thank you Marius for the welcome,

I am not a judge because I wanted to stay outside of portuguese bureaucraties. I do not want to sound a kind of arrogant but when it comes to african finches I was the best one in Portugal. I started with the common waxbill (estrilda astrild) because I love this specie and no one appreciated it by that time. But after the medals in the world cups people started to change their minds about this specie. Throughout the common waxbill i gathered experience that allowed me to breed successfully other species. Just to say... yes I know a lot about African Finches and I had amazing results. With Granatinas, pytilias (2 couples i took 35 birds), with the blue waxbill with 2 couples i took more than 50 birds, with amarants (Lagonosticta senegala) i took 10 with one couple.. when i gave up i had more than 300 birds and 15 different species and it was before the world cup. That would be my year in medals. But now I am here at least for one year. So it might be possible to know you in person.

I know also a lot about European Finches. I have close friends from belgium and netherlands who are the best. So, I am here to help if you need.

Thank you for the welcome once again.
Fernando Domingues

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